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Friday, May 20, 2016

Map from Awassa, Ethiopia to Yirga Alem, EthiopiaNo hustle and bustle like a town. The way to Yirgalem from Hawassa. The magnificent view along the main avenue is very astonishing. It rains all day. The running water in both sides of the ditches are peaceful. As urbaner the muddy scene and the rain is difficult to walk easily but it is not disturbing. Huts are sparse. All-in-all nature is at its best in Sidama Zone. Anyway, the reporters of the Ethiopian Press Agency march to get coffee growing farmers who are making coffee everything of their lives.
Farmer Kebede Germamo is from Chuma Kebelle of Dale Woreda. He was nurturing his coffee while it was raining. He told the visiting the Ethiopian Press Agency journalists that he has been engaged in maize production for many years for household consumption using traditional method. But, since 1995 he was massively cultivating coffee on his 4.5 hectares of land.
He said that applying the new agricultural techniques and expertise secured from the agricultural experts undertaking transplantation of 14,000 coffees over 4.5 hectares, false-banana on 1.5 hectare and different tress on 1.5 hectares.
He said that currently he has managed to collect coffee produces twice a year. " I am earning up to 95,000 Birr in one harvesting term from the sale of coffee to unions. I have now accumulated over 1.5 million Birr capital. "
Presently, the farmer said that he is looking forward to take advantages of the development of industrial parks in Hawassa and some other ideal places to plant a coffee processing company.
Another farmer from Goida kebelle, Degamo Danole said that he has been engaged in coffee production over the 26 years. He was collecting merely less than 12 quintals per hectare using the traditional methods. But, after employing inputs he has managed to garner up to 30 quintals.
Farmer Degamo said he has now accumulated over 20 million Birr capital including the house he built in Yergalem town and deposited three million Birr cash in bank.
Degamo attributed the availability professionals, improved variety of coffee species and other inputs to his success. " Unlike the previous time the expansion of roads has also great impact on our livelihood. We are able to reach market places in short time possible" he added.
He said " I am trying to share my experience for fellow farmers in my locality through one-to-five network. Certainly, we can build a better and prosperous community in a very short time"
A father of five, Getachew Argeta, is one the residents in Tulla locality of the woreda. He told the reporters that his maize and teff production was very low while he was using the traditional methods. Needless to mention, he said that with the help the government he engaged in cultivating permanent plants.
He said that " I am applying advice from agricultural professionals. My productivity and capital are increasing. Though farmer Getachew declined to tell his current capital, he is in a position to open a company.
Farmer Getachew commented that the government need to work hard to improve the access of water as the local community benefited from electricity that eventually help ensure better lifestyle.