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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nine companies bought the tender documents but none show up on the D-day

The Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) has decided to announce the bid again, after the Monday, April 04, 2016 the blow at the tender opening where none of the offerers appeared. The IPDC tendered a bid for the Hawassa Industrial Park factory sheds only for local investors but failed after nine companies bought the detailed documents of the tender and never issued an offer.

"This is our pilot project following the policy direction adopted encourage local industrialists" Arkebe Oukubay (Phd) , told Fortune. "Since this is the first trial, we have learnt a lot and adopt a mechanism to ensure participation of locals"

He also said that an immediate bid would be announced by the end of this week.

Owner of one pioneering garment manufacturing plant told Fortune that the bid invitation came as a surprise.

"The time given was so short that we could not meet the deadline," the investor said. "It takes a whole new assessment study to go into the new venture, even if you are in the sector for so long."

The 21 days time lapse given between the bid announcement and the deadline is too short many agreed.

The Corporation explains the situation in a different dimension.

"It is to keep the momentum that we are processing entrance in parallel with construction," Shiferaw Solomon, deputy CEO of Operation & IP management said. "No time shall be wasted for preparation if they can finish while construction is finalized."