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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Central Statistics Agency (CSA) is to construct buildings for its four branches in Mekelle, Hawassa, Ambo and Bahir Dar.
Three of the buildings will be three storeys high, while the one in Bahir Dar will have four storeys to meet the minimum standard of the municipality, said Tessema Geda, project manager of CSA.
The Agency awarded the construction of Ambo building to Bereket Haile Building Contractor on September 30, 2015. The construction aspect of the project is supported by a World Bank grant of 800,000 dollars. This is part of the 10 million dollars which the Bank has set aside for building the capacity of CSA.
Design and supervision work will be undertaken by Solomon Gebre Architect & Engineers Consultancy Plc, which was selected from seven bidding firms.
CSA has 25 branch offices in different regional states. At present the Hawassa and Bahir Dar branches are rented from private owners, while the Mekelle and Ambo branches are government-owned houses. The Mekelle branch used to be the residence of former president of the region, Gebru Asrat.
“The existing situation of the branch offices is challenging; especially the Ambo branch which is very old and difficult to work in during the rainy season. The Mekelle branch is also too small to accommodate all the staff,” said Tessema.
Additional areas of work to be financed by the grant from the World Bank initiative, Statistics for Results, include institutional, organisational and human resource capacity building. The project also plans to train 25 CSA staff at the second degree level.
The overall objective of Statistics for Results, which is also supporting other developing countries, is to bring better policy formulation and decision making by building the capacity of CSA to conduct accessible and efficient survey and standard statistics.
CSA has challenges in making quality and timely data due to the paper-based data capturing and data entry system, Biratu Yigezu, director general of the Agency said.
Source: addisfortune