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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It was in 1939, during Ethiopia's brief occupation by Italy that the first garment factory was established. Since then, the sector has come a long way and 130 medium and large scale textile factories have opened, of which 37 are owned by foreign investors.
Hawassa Textile S.C. is one of the oldest companies, which was established in 1989 under state ownership but as of 2011, the ownership was transferred to Dukem Textile Plc at a cost of 37 million Br. The company produces bed sheets and foam mattress covers, school uniforms, workers uniforms and thread. Of all its products, only thread has made it to the international market, said Eyasu Atnafu, general manager of Hawassa Textile S.C.
According to Amanuel Girma, branch manager of Almeda Textile, just like Hawassa Textile S.C., his company also exports only 20pc of its total production, the rest being sold in the local market. Almeda Textile Plc, established in February 1996, by the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), with a capital of 594 million dollars, employs 2,500 people. It has a yearly production capacity of 7,020tn of yarn, 16,751,100tn of grey fabric, 15,387,000tn of processed fabric, and about one million pieces of basic shirt equivalent garments.