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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

These are trying times for Ethiopia, with tragedies befallen on many Ethiopians over the past consecutive weeks, due to the inhumane brutality faced by fellow citizens in South Africa, Yemen and most recently Libya. It is as if grief has its own domino effect, which makes one painful event follow an even more gruesome one.
In what seems to be an unending tribal clash in Yemen, Ethiopians got stranded between the fires of the fighting tribes with little hope of getting away from the place. A worsening security situation in the country, considered strategic in some senses, means that the hopes of the Ethiopians there decline with each incident.
Of course, authorities tried to evacuate some that managed to communicate with them. But the number of those evacuated was far lower than the number of Ethiopians that live in the country or are staying there until they manage to emigrate to the Middle Eastern countries that are their intended destinations.