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Friday, March 13, 2015

4. Hawassa University (World rank: 9812)

A recent global ranking of the top 32 universities in Ethiopia for 2015 has been made public, and the result is something unconnected to what we have seen previous years. It appears that some Universities who were not excited with their formal position in 2014 have worked harder to make sure that they reach the top of the list in order to be ranked among the best. Based on WebometricsRanking of World Universities, some of the universities that were ranked higher in Ethiopia as at 2014, are no longer worthy of the title and as such, we have other leading schools.
Check below to see the latest positions of all the 32 universities that made the list and also their world ranking.
The ranking was done based on four very important factors which include their Presence, rate of Impact, Openness and Academic excellence.
1. Addis Ababa University (World rank: 1803)
2. Jimma University (World rank: 3784)
3. Mekelle University (World rank: 6647)
4. Hawassa University (Debub University) (World rank: 9812)
5. Bahir Dar University (World rank: 10110)
6. University of Gondar (College of Medical Sciences) (World rank: 10425)
7. Haramaya University (Alemaya) (World rank: 10992)
8. Arba Minch University (World rank: 14447)
9. Debre Markos University (World rank: 16279)
10. Adama Science & Technology University (World rank: 16484)
11. Saint Mary’s University College Ethiopia (World rank: 17944)
12. Dilla University (World rank: 18145)
13. Ambo University (World rank: 18162)
14.Wollo University (World rank: 19470)
15.Graduate School of Telecommunications and Information Technology (World rank: 20689)
16. International Leadership Institute (World rank: 21109)
17. Unity University College (World rank: 21143)
18. Dire Dawa University (World rank: 21358)
19. Jigjiga University (World rank: 21485)
21. Ethiopian Civil Service College (World rank: 21896)
22. Defence Engineering College (World rank: 22066)
23. Samara University (World rank: 22397)
24. Grace College of Business and Computer Science (World rank: 22540)
25. Wollega University (World rank: 22605)
26.Wolaita Sodo University (World rank: 22613)
27. Madawalabu University (World rank: 22668)
28. Admas University College (World rank: 22691)
29. Infonet College (World rank: 22981)
30. Rift Valley University College (World rank: 23817)
31. Yenegew Sew University College (World rank: 23841)
32. Wollega University (World rank: 23868)