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Monday, March 30, 2015

sprudge coffee ecw intelligenstia
This is the story of how our friends & partners at Intelligentsia Coffee brought dozens of the world’s best coffee producers to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. 
Back in October 2011, we were invited along with a few other journalists and observers to take part in Intelligentsia Coffee’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in Los Angeles. The ECW is Intelligentsia’s annual, closed-door, origin conference; part hardcore policy session, part farmer summer camp, these events are as exclusive and cloistered as they are fascinating, and comprise an international who’s who of top coffee producers. No outside journalists were invited to participate at ECW 2014, which means information is only available directly from Intelligentsia Coffee. 
Geoff Watts is one of the coffee industry’s most influential and revered green buyers. Much of how specialty coffee speaks now—microlots, direct trade, the expectation for knowledge of source—can be traced back to Watts and his fellow specialty coffee pioneers in the first decade of the 21st century. Watts documented the 2013 Brazilian edition of ECW on Sprudge, and now he’s back with an inside look at the 2014 Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in Ethiopia, exclusive to Sprudge.com. 
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