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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sport quote us. Not a basketball court or a football field or in a pool.The meeting point to start this route is the "Olympic stadium bowls" as defined ironically the host of DIY you already do,Catalonia Television and neighbor Guinardó.
When Rafael Vives (Cala Bona, Son Servera, Mallorca, 1966) came to the neighborhood where he has lived for almost fifteen years, next Guinardó Recovering But as municipal facilities and equipped with two bars with terrace, which is the Petanque also "had a basketball court," he recalls. But when the urban renewal of the area's ancestral house of Horta-Guinardó, "I guess they had retired to devote his time to claim a space for practice petanque, and that is why it has filled all this land for petanquers esplanade "exposes the neighbor who comes to your appointment accompanied by a dog." It's a rabbit dog Andalusian we found abandoned Vila Round (Alt Camp), the people of my wife, "says Vives." After three long days in front of the door, three days saying no to my children, in the end we agreed to stay to us "he recalls. Sunqui is the name the family named the dog. "Sidamo means kiss in the native language of our children, who were born in the Ethiopian region of Sidama," he says.
Footballers Martinenc
Vives and your partner are adoptive parents of three Ethiopian brothers. "First we adopt Michael, when he was two and a half years has -now in new-" detailing the presenter. "When we decided to adopt a second child, Miquel told us that he had brothers in their country, and we ended up adopting and Joan Manel "relates Vives. Now, Joan Miquel and Manel
-d'11, 9 and 8 years are part of the group of players of FC Martinenc in different categories.
Among the friends of the school where, the Star (Telegraph, 58), and co-their football facilities are on the same street of his schooling,"my children greet all the Guinardó way home from school, "says Rafael Vives. This is something that loves a former Fura -the where Vives worked and traveled around the world for an entire decade. "The Guinardó especially like this familiarity has an air of people, a spirit of closeness between residents and retailers, providing tranquility, especially if you have children "express Vives. The television expert crafts, clever recycler, also valued in their daily lives many details and initiatives that promote a healthy sustainable environment. And Guinardó, where he lives since he met his partner, born in the neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​this demonstrates consistent involvement in various projects.
A school is selected for their children, a center among its ideological pillars sub-stripe the importance of maintaining relationships and collaboration with various neighborhood associations to settle the environment in which located downtown. "For example, the school provides parents we members of a cooperative of organic producers of food products a space to receive and distribute orders where meat, eggs, fish or vegetables ; a task that we shift the cooperative members, parents of students at the school, "Vives highlights.
Promote reuse
One of the places chosen by the show's craft is a regional television cooperative cultural Rocaguinarda (Cypress, 13), a project to build commitment to the neighborhood through art and culture, and invited neighbors to propose and participate activities that promote creativity and sustainability as personal enrichment and care of the environment. One of these initiatives is now Mama G (Warsaw, 148), a children's accessories shop that promoted mothers help each other, and supported by the nonprofit organization that form them. It is a project of raising and educating children accompanying parents in the process. "It is a wonderful proposal," believes Rafael Vives.

Immersed in the filming of 13 episodes next season already being broadcast currently, you will do the segona- the neighbor Guinardó raises every Saturday afternoon, learning simple crafts to everyone both adults and children, very useful exercise for the mind and for the sustainability of the planet.