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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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In Sidama, baby names are given based on:
1. An event that happens when the baby is born. eg. Jilo: A baby born during feast. Fichcho: A baby/girl born during fichee celebration.
2. A month or day in which a baby is born. eg. Ammajje: A baby born in February. Dikkaashe:A girl born on a day of Dikko.
3. A time that a baby is born. eg. Beeddakko: A girl born during night hours. Agana: A baby born during a full moon time.
4. A wish of parents. eg. Ararso:A baby who arbitrate a dispute between parties. Dureette: a rich, baby girl.
5. Past events: eg. Riqiwa: a baby born after loss of a child.
6. Character or nature of a child. eg. Amalao: A baby that makes trouble. Fayo: a beautiful girl. Danbowa: a tiny baby.
7. Association with things that are loved. eg. Sunkurta: an aromatic fragrant smelling garden plant. Furra: legendary sidama woman.
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The Following are few of native Sidama names, some with their meaning in English. As we go forward, more names and more corresponding name meanings will be added to this site.

Addato(Gender=Male, Meaning=who is bold in his actions (see Addata(v) )
Adula(Gender=Male, Meaning=broker, one who acts as an intermediary)
Agana(Gender=Male, Meaning=The Moon)
Agansa( Gender=Male, Meaning= Shining gentle light/moon light; Agansa(v)(i.e. Xawisa) means to create Moon light-like effect)
Agata (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Aggaaro(Gender=Male, Meaning= Back up)
Aliito (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
ALTO (Gender=Male, Meaning = blessing)
Amajje(Gender=Male, Meaning=February, usually name given to a baby which born in February)
Amalo (Gender=Male, Meaning= Character, usually given to a baby that makes a trouble at young age)
Anato (Gender=Male, Meaning=One who tries to control)
Arfaso (Gender=Male, Meaning=Orginates from a month January, Arfasa. Arfasa is also the name of a highland plant that produce a flower in January)
Araarsso (Gender= Male, Meaning= Peace maker/To arbitrate a dispute between parties)
Araarttu (Gender= Female, Meaning=To arbitrate a dispute between parties )
Arshime (Gender=Female, Meaning=Vigilant )
Ashille (Gender= Female, Meaning= Wealth/Prosperity )
Ashiro Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Atoote(Gender=Unisex, Meaning= Prosperity, Blessing)
Ayyaana (Gender= Male, Meaning= Holiday,feast;grace)
Ayyanttu (Gende=Female, Meaning= Holiday, feast; grace )

Balicha (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Baqaalla (Gender= Male, Meaning=Fall leaf color(color ranging from red to yellow) )
Ba'rrasso (Gender= Male, Meaning= To bring unexpected joy, happiness or treasure )
Betana ( Gender= Male, Meaning= )
Bashshulle(Gender=Female, Meaning= )
Biddiso (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Bimiibessa (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Birammo (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Birru (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Boka (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Bolka (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Boorsammo(Gender=Male, Meaning= One who feels he is outsider, lack of sense of togetherness)
Borodje (Gender=Male, Meaning=Slaves)
Burako (Gender=Male, Meaning=One who sprints in irregular manner)
Butuko (Gender=Male, Meaning=Fraction, a fragment)

Caalttu (Gender=Female, Meaning=Protector;derived from CAALE meaning shade/cover from direct sunlight or heat)


Danchille (Gender= Female, Meaning=Pretty, good mannered )
Dafursa(Gender=Male; Meaning=Challenging to deal with)
Dararittu (Gender= Female, Meaning= Flower, to bloom )
Dararro (Gender=Female, Meaning= Flowers )
Daye (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Denboba (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Duressa (Gender=Male, Meaning= Rich)



Fetto (Gender= Male, Meaning= )

Gabiso(or Gabbiso) (Gender=Male, Meaning= calm,peaceful; derived from gabbisa/gabbi-assa meaning to satisfy or create calmness)
Galalcha(or Galaalcha) (Gender=Male, Meaning=To expect or to hope )
Galfato (Gender= Male, Meaning= Calm/ending storm)
Geramo (or Geerammo)( Gender=Male, Meaning= Defender;one who verbally defends someone or an idea.)


Hamesso (Gender= Male, Meaning= )
Harka/Harqa (Gender= Male, Meaning=Growling in high intensity)
Haroye (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Hillo (Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Hordofa (Gender=Male, Meaning= to chase, to go after someone/something)

Ikkammo (Gender=Male, Meaning=To complete, to make whole(a family).
Ishine( Gender=Male, Meaning=Dirt/weed)


Kambata (Gender=Male, Meaning=)
Kawajjo (Gender=Female, Meaning=)

Laalo(Gender=Female, Meaning=Yield, Harvest )
Ledamo (Gender=Male, Meaning= To be included, to be part of a bigger whole/family)
Leellamo (Genedr=Male, Meaning=To be exposed, to be popular)

Ma'nammo (Gender=Male, meaning=Junior,last born)
Marimo (Gender=male, Meaning= )

Namarro (Gender=Male, Meaning=)



Qixxeessa (Gender=Male, Meaning=To make ready)

Riqiwa (Gender=Male, Meaning=To delegate, to represent)
Rora (Gender=Male, Meaning= greater)

Sambato (Gender=Male, Meaning= of Sunday)
Sasamo(Gender=Male, Meaning= )
Sunkurta /Shunkurta(Gender=Male, Meaning= Green onion/an aromatic garden plant)
Sirriiqa(Gender= Male, Meaning=hocking/gagging by food particle entering air way)

Tuumiicha (Gender=Male, Meaning=)
Tunisiisa( Gender=Male, Meaning=Darkness)
Tura(Gender=Male, Meaning=)



Wodaare(Gender=Female, Meaning=Delicate, soft)
Wojjo (Gender=Male, Meaning=Desire)
Wolassa (Gender= Male, Meaning=To make free,liberate )
Wo'ma (Gender=Male, Meaning=Full, to be full, Whole, Complete)

Xagichcho (Gender=Male/Female, Meaning=Medicine)

Yettera (Gender=Male, Meaning=)

Source: http://sidama-language-level-one.wikispaces.com/Sidama+Baby+Names+and+their+meanings