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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) has completed the environmental and social impacts and Resettlement Action Plan for the 202km Modjo-Hawassa Expressway. The civil work of the project is to be financed by the Ethiopian Government and four other financiers namely the African Development Bank, World Bank, the Korean and the Chinese Export Import (EXIM) Banks.
The reasons such as high traffic in the area which is beyond the capacity of the current road, the frequent accident in the road, pollution in towns because of congested traffic, and the failure of the existing road to accommodate the traffic flow to the area initiated the construction of the expressway.
The study and design of the Modjo- Hawassa expressway was awarded to Techniplan International Consulting firm with the studies to be further reviewed by Ethio-Infra Engineering PLC.
The new road will be the connection the country will have with the 10,000Km Cairo- Gaborone- Cape Town highway and to alternative ports in the south route.