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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A delegation from Hawassa University (HU) led by President Dr. Yosef Mamo visited the ISS (The Institute of Social Studies), The Hague,  The Netherlands and concluded a formal bilateral agreement with the Institute on January 14 . 
Rector Leo De Haan shaking hands with President Yosef Mamo after the two signed MOU 
The Hawassa delegate led by President Yosef Mamo was officially welcomed by Rector Leo De Haan of the ISS. The heads of the two institutions hold a half day meeting and discussions on the way forward to realize the provisions of the agreement between ISS and HU. Issues of their discussion and agreement among others include: Staff capacity building, Student and Faculty exchange, Short term executive courses (Hawassa to be a center for ISS to offer short term executive courses for Africa), Collaborative research and building the capacity of the HU staff. President Dr. Yosef Mamo also hold discussions with Vice rectors for education and research. 
President Dr. Yosef Mamo with Rector Leo De Haan 
ISS promised to offer four PhDs to HU faculty (Center for Policy and Development Research, CPDR) which will be managed through a sandwich scheme with CPDR, HU. 
The HU delegate that also included Mr. Yeshtila  Wendimeneh, who initiated the establishment of the Center for Policy & Development Research at Hawassa University through the NORHED-DEG project, visited the college of Graduate Studies of The Erasmus University in Rotterdam and discussed possible future collaborations.  
The HU delegation with an official from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam
President Mamo and Rector Leo De Haan signed an MOU that lasts until 2019. It is to be recalled that a high delegation from ISS that included Rector Leo De Haan and Deputy Rector Prof. Mohammed Salih visited HU last year.