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Monday, January 5, 2015

ከ10 እና 12 ኣመታት በፊት በሃዋሳ ከተማ በውጭ እና ኣገር ውስጥ ቱርስቶች ከምዘወተሩ ሆቴሎች መካከል ተጠቃሽ የሆነው የሃዋሳው ኦሲስ ከመንግስት ይዞታነት ተላቆ ወደ ግል ይዞታከተዛወረ  ወዲህ  የተላበሰው ገጽታ ምን ይመስላል?

ሆቴሉን በማስተዳደር ላይ ያለው ዩናትድ ኣፍሪካ ግሩፕ ሆቴል ስለ ሆቴሉ ምን ይላል?

United Africa Group Hotel, the former Wabe Shebelle # 1 Hotel, is found in Hawassa City ; the capital of Southern Nations Nationalities and People Regional State. The city is found 275 kms away from Addis Ababa in south direction via Modgo and Zeway towns. The number of tourists coming to the city is rising from time to time due to its beauty and tourist attractions development.
Since the hotel was one of the first hotels built beside Lake Hawassa with large multipurpose hotel compound, it has rich experience in serving tourists and other visitors. It has been offering hotel services for more than 50 years with quality standard and progressively growing scope. To address the wider demand of tourists and other visitors, the hotel is undertaking different activities to keep in line with the current tourism industry standards.
Located along side Lake Hawassa, you will enjoy beautiful topography view of Lake Hawassa and the surrounding area with gently kissing breeze. In addition the service offered in the hotel adds exceptional recreating service. The hotel offers varied services with the blessings of Mother Nature that leaves you with everlasting memories as individual or with your beloved one. The hotel has one of the largest swimming pools in Hawassa; secured camping and outdoor service, lobby with magnificent design, garden with endogenous tress and endemic birds , bungalous, villa and much more.

You can use the main road from the main gate to Hawassa around 'tikur wuha' area asphalt road that crosses SOS Villages Ethiopia to the city municipality square commonly known as 'ye fikir haik' area to come to our hotel. The area is quite, relatively free from urban noises and crowds that are common in most developing nation’s cities.

There are a number of endogenous and other trees and vegetations those inhabitants a number of birds and other animals to enjoy your stay in the hotel. Maximum effort has been made to keep the natural set up of the hotel and the surrounding area. The silence and relaxing birds’ voices are ideal values you will enjoy in United Africa Group Hotel Hawassa.