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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Smallholder coffee producers working with the IFAD-funded Agricultural Marketing Improvement Programme (AMIP) are proud of having helped to transform the Ethiopian coffee value chain, making it inclusive and efficient. In less than seven years, the programme has established eight coffee "liquoring" or tasting centres, the first of their kind in rural areas, and provided the necessary equipment and training to Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) staff. Thanks to these interventions, today the coffee tasting centres offer internationally recognized coffee grading and trading services.
In collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia, the ECX provides cooperatives with continuous feedback on the quality and grade of their coffee. This has enabled smallholder producers to improve processes along the entire coffee value chain, including the picking, washing and drying of coffee beans. In this way they have improved the quality and value of the coffee beans that they harvest.
The value chain is now more efficient as smallholder farmers have easy access to coffee grading, storage and transport services provided by the ECX. Previously, traders and cooperatives had to transport the coffee to Addis Ababa because there were no coffee grading centres elsewhere. An established digitized system, run by the ECX, facilitates the sale of coffee at auction on the international markets. This major breakthrough allows traders and cooperatives to receive immediate payment for their produce. 
Meet smallholder producers in Dilla, Southern Ethiopia in this photo essay and follow the transformation of coffee beans along the value chain.