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Monday, July 1, 2013

Hawassa is a surprisingly and refreshingly clean city. When we traveled to the south and visited cities of comparable size they more closely resembled my preconceptions of an African city, a bit dirtier than it is here.
There are a few methods of trash disposal here, incineration being the most common. Below is an example from the other day on campus. In this case, we were lucky and the female students were unlucky. On other occasions we are the unlucky ones downwind from the burning trash. Unfortunately, plastic makes up much of what is being incinerated, which makes me cringe a little, but I can also see the lack of alternatives. The good news is that Ethiopians have taboos about wasting food, so prudence is taken to not create food waste and, to my knowledge, most food scraps are kept separate from other trash and ultimately composted.
Female dorm downwind from burning trash
Our trash, along with the trash of the other guesthouse residents, goes in a hole located a short distance from the building entrance. It gets sorted for valuables by children and for edibles by birds and dogs. This seems to keep it to a level that makes incineration unnecessary.
outside of guesthouse trash hole
Though methods of waste disposal are not ideal here, the amount of trash that individuals generate in Ethiopia is a fraction of what we in the U.S. produce. People here do with very little and I am constantly impressed by the resourcefulness that I witness on a daily basis. Broken things are fixed rather than discarded, and objects that are no longer suitable for their original use are repurposed. Living in a place where relationships, good intentions, and good hospitality are more important than consumer goods is a welcome change of pace.
The photo below illustrates my favorite way of disposing of refuse…
Busy with packing, goodbye lunches and dinners, etc., etc. So, I’ll quickly share some more public health signage from around campus and downtown Awassa.
There are a few variations of this sign located throughout campus, including one with a quote from Helen Keller, “Disability is a reality for me, but a possibility for all.”
located at the main entrance of Hawassa University main campus
The billboard below emphasizes that ones financial situation should be an important part of family planning.
family planning
Some of the billboards are very graphic so as to get their point across.
anti female genital cutting sign
Here’s a sign promoting the use of crosswalks, or zebras as they call them. Unfortunately, it is rare for a car to actually stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk, so they are less effective than they could be. I always thank my bajaj driver when he actually stops to let a pedestrian pass.
It has been two years since HwU established technology villages to manage the research activities in an organized manner, test improved findings down on farmers’ field and smoothen technology transfer to the society. The villages are located in 6 different districts of Sidama Zone.
Hulla District is one of these 6 villages where HwU funded poultry center inaugurated on June 22, 2013. The poultry center has been handed over to an association named ‘Birhan’ formed by 24 unemployed youth local residents. 
According to a report read on the inaugural ceremony, the poultry center costed HwU more than 350,000ETB without considering the professional and laborious contributions. Therefore, the University provided the center with 1210 hens, feedings for 3 months and 20 cages. HwU also covers a lodging expense of the youth during their stay in Hawassa to receive training in the University and their transportation.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tesfaye Abebe, Director Research and Development at HwU told the youth that if they put effort and worked hard, they would soon transfer to an enterprise bringing economical benefit to themselves as well to the surrounding community at large. 
The youth on their part thanked HwU for their full-fledged support in general and for spending a great deal of money to establish the Center in particular and the local administration for providing small construction equipments.  
The University finally signed and handed over Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the youth via the chair of the district. On the occasion top managements of the University and higher officials of Sidama Zone including the president, Million Matiwos attended the ceremony.
አዋሳ ሰኔ 24/2005 በሀዋሳ ከተማ በዘንድሮ የበጀት አመት ከ33 ሺህ በላይ ወጣቶችና ሴቶች የቋሚና ጊዜያዊ የስራ እድል ተጠቃሚ መሆናቸውን የከተማ አስተዳደር ንግድና ኢንዱስትሪ መምሪያ አስታወቀ፡፡ በመምሪያው የኢንተርፕራይዞች ልማት ድጋፍ ማዕቀፍ አፈጻጸምና ክትትል ዋና የስራ ሂደት አስተባባሪ አቶ ኤፍሬም አለማየሁ ሰሞኑን ለኢትዮጵያ ዜና አገልግሎት እንደገለጹት ወጣቶችና ሴቶች የሥራ እድል ተጠቃሚ የሆኑት በማኒፋክቸሪንግ፣ በኮንስትራክሽን ፣ በከተማ ግብርና፣ በአገልግሎትና በንግድ ስራ ዘርፎች ተደራጅተው በተደረገላቸው ሁለገብ ድጋፍ ነው፡፡ ከተጠቃሚዎች መካከል 11ሺህ 612 ሴቶች መሆናቸውን አስተባባሪው ገልፀዋል፡፡ የሥራ እድል ተጠቃሚ የሆኑት እነዚሁ ወጣቶችና ሴቶች ከ17 ሚሊዮን 500 ሺህ ብር በላይ እንዲቆጥቡ መደረጉንም አመልክተዋል፡፡ በመምሪያው የኢንተርፕራይዞች ልማት ዋና የስራ ሂደት አሰተባባሪ አቶ ውቤ ቤላሞ በበኩላቸው ከ18 ሺህ 600 ለሚበልጡ አንቀሳቃሾች የንግድ ስራ አመራር፣ የቴክኒክ ሙያ ፣ የምክር አገልገሎት፣ የተስማሚ ቴክኖሎጂ መሳሪያዎች ድጋፍ መሰጠቱን ጠቁመው ከስድስት ሚሊዮን ብር በላይ የብድር ገንዘብ በመከፋፈል እንዲጠናከሩ መደረጉን ገልጸዋል፡፡ ለሌሎች 7 ሺህ 772 አንቀሳቃሾች ደግሞ ከ186 ሚሊዮን ብር በላይ የገበያ ትስሰርና ገቢ እንዲያገኙ መደረጉን በመምሪያ የማምረቻ ማዕከላት ግንባታ ማስተዳደርና የገበያ ልማት ዋና የስራ ሂደት አስተባባሪ አቶ አለማየሁ አብርሀም አስረድተዋል፡፡ የተፈጠረው የገበያ ትስሰርና ገቢውን ያገኙት ምርትና አገልግሎታቸውን የሚያስተዋውቁበትና የሚሸጡበት ባዛርና አውደርኢ በማዘጋጀት፣ በኮብል ስቶንና በሌሎችም የግንባታ ስራዎች ቅድሚያ ዕድል እንዲያገኙ በመደረጉ ነው ብለዋል፡፡ በተጨማሪም 18 ሺህ 526 ካሬ ሜትር የመሸጫና የመስሪያ ቦታ የተመቻቸላቸው ከመሆኑም በላይ ቀደም ብሎ በከተማው የተለያዩ አካባቢዎች ከ51 ሚሊዮን ብር በላይ ከተገነቡ 41 ዘመናዊ የመሸጫና የማምረቻ ማዕከላት መካከል 21ዱ መብራት፣ ውሃና ሌሎችም መሰረተ ልማት ተሟልቶላቸው ለአገልግሎት መብቃታቸውን አስታውቀዋል፡፡ በአጠቃላይ በበጀት አመቱ ውስጥ በከተማው ከ33 ሺህ በላይ ወጣቶችና ሴቶች የቋሚና ጊዜያዊ የስራ ዕድል ተጠቃሚ በመሆን ኑሯቸውን በማሻሻል ላይ እንደሚገኙ አስተባባሪዎቹ አመልክተዋል፡፡ ከተጠቃሚዎች መካከል ወጣት ታምራት ሀይለማሪያምና ሊዲያ አያሌው በሰጡት አስተያየት ከከተማው አስተዳደር ባገኙት የብድር ገንዘብ፣ የገበያ ትስስርና የመስሪያ ቦታ ድጋፍ ከሌሎች ጓደኞቻቸው ጋር ተደራጅተው በቆዳ ውጤቶች ማምረትና ሽያጭ ላይ ተሰማርተው በመንቀሳቀስ ውጤታማ መሆናቸው ገልጸዋል፡፡ በከተሞች ድህነትና ስራ አጥነትን ለመቀነስ መንግስት በዘረጋው የጥቃቅና አነስተኛ ኢንተርፕራይዞች ልማት ፕሮግራም ቀደም ባሉት አመታት በሀዋሳ ከተማ ስራ አጥ የነበሩ ሌሎች በርካታ ወጣቶችና ሴቶች በተመሳሳይ ተጠቃሚ በመሆን ከፍተኛ ንብረትና ሀብት በማፍራት ለተሻለ ህይወት መብቃታቸውን የስራ ሂደቶቹ አስተባባሪዎች ተናግረዋል፡፡