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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hawassa / Yirgalem

Hawassa, the capital city of SNNPRs, is positioned at the edge of Lake Hawassa. It is an attractive lake Hawassa Sunsettown in a beautiful setting. The town is a pleasant place to break the north- south journey and is well equipped with places for recreations Lake Hawassa and different standard Hotels, lodges established along the shore of the lake and with in the town. Visitors enjoy with boat trip on the lake in the morning and late afternoon, which make a nice pleasure trip, and to see the different bird’s species, hippo herds as well as the beautiful early afternoon sunset.
The lake is known for its high edible fish production (tilapia, catfish, barbus) and also harbor very good bird life.. Egyptian goose, kingfishers, herons, strokes, crakes, darters, and plovers are among others easily seen on the water.  
A pleasant walk is along the shore of the lake and for good view of the lake and the surroundingAmora Gedelareas it is preferred to climb either on Tabore hill or use the top of some of the cafeteria building found in the center of the town such as Lewi, Dashin, Haroni international hotels. Hawassa Market days are Monday and Thursday and the fish market are worth wonder. There are a number of Business center that can provide internet services for tourists. There are also different supermarkets in the town.
Place to stay and eat : South spring hotel, Gebre kirstos hotel, Yamer hotel, Paradise hotel, Beshu hotel, Warka hotel, unique Park Hotel, Lewi Hotel, Wabe-Shebele hotelNo2, Haroni international Hotel, Pinna Hotel 

Hawassa area Attractions

Hawassa is also the capital city of Sidama Zone. Sidama zone holds diverse cultural, historical and Natural attractions. Almost all the attractions are accessible by asphalt or gravel roads andpublic transport from Hawassa. . Some of the attractions include: 
Wondo_Genet hot spring resort:-located around 15 km from Shashemene or 24 km from Hawassa via Wondogenet Mazoria, Aregash lodgeGidabo hot spring, and Wonsho traditional worship site located around Yirgalem town which is about 45km from Hawassa.Logitta and  Bonaro waterfalls found in Bensa Wereda /District/ and Garamba Mountain Community Based Conservation Area in Arbegona Woreda/district about 70km from Hawassa via Aleta Wondo town and Arbegona woreda. Loka abaya National park found in Loka Abaya woreda located some 60km from Hawassa.Fiche the unique new year festival celebrated every year by the Sidama People (Click Fiche New Year Festival for more information).
Market: Most interesting big Markets found in different woreda town’s donot have constant day of marketing in Sidama Zone. Most market day stands every five days except the big markets of Hawassa ( Monday & Thursday) ) and Yirgalem ( Monday & Thursday), Tulla (Friday & Teusday), Aletawondo (Wednesday & Saturday), Benssa Daye (Tuesday & Saturday) have constant market days.
Tourist service providers: The Region Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Sidama Zone State Communication & Culture and Tourism coordination, and Hawassa town Tourism Coordination Office,
Sidama Zone State Communication and Culture & Tourism department
Po. Box: 100
Telephone: 0462216673
Fax: 0462206608