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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Brian Umony scored as St. George emerged 5-1 winners over Sidama BunnaUgandan Brian Umony made it to the score sheet for Ethiopia's St. Goerge as the side claimed a 5-1 win against Sidama Bunna in the Castel Premier League on Sunday.
Umony netted the defending champions' second goal in the 16th minute after Minyahel Teshome's opener three minutes earlier in the match.
Adane Girma (34’) and Ramkel Lok (38’) thereafter extended the score as Umony's colleagues' brilliance rose to new levels on the evening.
Two penalties awarded for both, St. George and Sidama Bunna were also converted by Girma (his second for the hosts) and former St. George player Andualem Negussie.
St. George were recovering from 2-0 defeat at the hands of Adama Kenema the previous weekend.