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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

During a workshop organized by European Union (EU) and Coffee Development Sector, the EU recommended Ethiopia to host a research institute of Coffee Arabica, according to The Reporter.
A consultant at the German based Dipl. Lng, Gunther Herhaus, made a presentation of a research that revolved around the recent poor performance of Ethiopia’s coffee sector. During his presentation, Herhaus highlighted opportunities that can see the success of Coffee Arabica. He suggests the success will come through commencing various mechanisms that will mitigate the current problems and as well by coming up with ideas of establishing a research institute.
Herhaus recommended one of the possible methods to bring back the Ethiopian specialty coffee was by establishing a research institute that helps farmers and exports maintain quality and production. He further noted, “Arguably, Ethiopia remains the most important place for Coffee Arabica and possibly the right location for a research institute as well”.
The consultant further noted, factors that impacted the coffee sector to be insufficient attention to the quality as farmers care more about quantity, inconvenient transportation, poor data collection on market assessment, and frequent amendments on regulations and poor cultivation and storage.
Germany is a major destination for coffee export. In 2010 Germany has imported 1,089,176 Tons out of which 34 percent of from Brazil. Nonetheless, Ethiopia had only 3.7 percent share from this figure.
Herhaus, on the other hand is optimist that Ethiopia is capable of making remarkable progress and share important markets after resolving issues he stated.
He said “It can reclaim the top spot when it goes through these necessary steps towards a certain goal”.
Source: The Reporter