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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Theme “Ethiopia the Root of Coffee and Much More”
The Concept
Ethiopia possesses great diversity in its biological resources, including coffee (Coffee Arabica L.) one of Ethiopia’s most notable gifts to the world. A number of sources indicate that the term “Coffee” was derived from Kaffa, a region in the south-western part of the Country. Coffee is the driving force of Ethiopia’s economy, ecology, socio-cultural and spiritual life, and accounts for more than 25% of national GDP. The chosen theme for Ethiopia’s participation at Expo Milano 2015“Ethiopia the Root of Coffee and Much More” reflects the importance of this economic and cultural resource.
Ethiopia produces a number of coffee types including the SidamaYergachefe and Harar varieties. Identified by their distinct characteristic, flavor, aroma and taste, they are commonly used for blending with coffees of other origins. Coffee plays a pivotal role in the Ethiopian culture of hospitality, and the rituals of the coffee ceremony, including its roasting, grounding and brewing are central to Ethiopian lifestyle. Inviting guests for coffee is considered as a God-sent opportunity to do well.
The Ethiopian Pavilion provides visitors with a chance to enjoy a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and sample the locally grown varieties.
There will be also opportunities for business-to-business meetings with coffee producers, farmers unions and exporters. DuringEthiopian Week there will be cultural performances while Farmers Week will feature coffee producing cooperative unions presenting the story of Ethiopian coffee and discussing the existing situation and sustainability of Ethiopian coffee in the world market.
Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase traditional and fresh Ethiopian food and beverages including traditionally prepared coffee, and beverages such as Tajj (made of Honey) and Tela barley beer.