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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Press Statement
HRAG Launching Conference-Communities initiate to confront perpetrators of Human Rights Crimes in Ethiopia
Benshangul, Gambela, Ogaden Somali, Oromo, Shakacho and Sidama.
28 September 13
We, the peoples of Benshangul, Gambella, Ogaden Somali, Oromo, Shakacho and Sidama nations unanimously agree to form Human Rights Advocacy Group (HRAG) in order to advocate for the Human Rights of the member communities and other oppressed peoples by the Ethiopian government.
HRAG will tirelessly campaign harnessing the combined resources of the aforementioned communities and other support groups. It will expose the crimes the Ethiopian government is committing against the defenceless communities of these peoples, including land grabbing and displacement, mass executions, extra-judicial killings, rampant rape, mass detentions and use of aid as a weapon to gain compliance to the regime marginalization policies.
HRAG will conduct targeted advocacy campaign that includes data gathering, advocacy works directed at countries of the world, Human Rights defenders, the AU and the United Nations, and will encourage more vigorous and joint campaigns by all the communities concerned.
HRAG informs that the current situation in Ethiopia is very dire and unless urgent measures are taken, a crisis far worse than any seen so far in Africa will unfold. Therefore, HRAG calls the international community, in particular Donor countries, the AU and the UN and EU to make the Ethiopian government accountable for its flagrant Human Rights violations.
Finally, HRAG calls upon all peoples in Ethiopia to stand up together and confront the perpetrators.
Justice for all nations and nationalities.
ምንጭ፦ http://www.ogaden.com/latest/1662-human-rights-advocacy-group-hrag.html
የሲዳማ ማራቶኒስት በላይነህ ዴንሳሞ
Belayneh Densamo (born June 28, 1965 in Diramo Afarrara, Sidamo) is a long-distance track and road running athlete from Ethiopia. He held the world record in the marathon for 10 years (1988-1998). This was the third longest span without the record being broken since the event was first organized at the 1896 Olympics. The record was set when he ran 2:06:50 at the 1988 Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands. The record was eventually broken by Ronaldo da Costa at the Berlin Marathon in 1998.


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Representing  Ethiopia
1986Tokyo MarathonTokyo, Japan2nd2:08:29[1]
1986Moscow MarathonMoscow, Russia1st2:14:42
1987All-Africa GamesNairobi, Kenya1st2:14:47
1987Rotterdam MarathonRotterdam, Netherlands1st2:12:58
1988Rotterdam MarathonRotterdam, Netherlands1st2:06:50
1989Rotterdam MarathonRotterdam, Netherlands1st2:08:39
1990Fukuoka MarathonFukuoka, Japan1st2:11:35
1996Rotterdam MarathonRotterdam, Netherlands1st2:10:30

Current status[edit]

As of 2009, Densamo lives in the area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is no longer active in international competition.
Hawassa University’s School of Medicine is recognized by an international body that hosts the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Foundation for Advancement for International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER), a U.S. based organization.    
The school of Medicine, which started instruction on November 29, 2003, graduated its first Doctors of Medicine on September 08, 2009. The School graduated a total of 257 (197 males and 60 females) Doctors of Medicine since then. The graduates are now serving the region and beyond.
HwU’s Corporate Communication & Marketing Directorate and College of Medicine & Health Science put hands together in the accreditation process that enabled HwU’s College of Medicine & Health Science to become one of the five Ethiopian institutions recognized by FAIMER for its Medicine Program.
It is hoped that joining such international platforms helps HwU’’s School of Medicine to forge international partnerships in Medical Education and Research.