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Sunday, November 25, 2012

ከማህበራዊ መረብ ላይ የተገኘ 

SLM (Sidama liberation movement) is transformed!
Today is the day of transformation for SLM and/or Sidama
As many sons, daughters and friends of Sidama have been writing and speaking in several medias, occasions, and moments the oppression, terrorism, and agony caused by the tyrant rulers of the past governments including the present one is immeasurable. Since the hands of occupiers had touched the land of Sidama, the people has been fighting and saying no to forceful occupation. Even after the consolidation of the power of the tyrants the people of Sidama hasn’t kept silent. Injustices and lack of good governance and basic human rights violations has been the concern of the entire Sidama. Today I am writing not to mention the injustices and immoral acts of the government. 
I would like to take this opportunity to write little about today’s organized resistance response of our people. Of course our people had resisted the occupiers in an organized way including the SLM itself. What makes today a special day is that SLM has reorganized itself for good by far better than ever. 
SLM is formed by the blood and resource of Sidama. The beloved sons and daughters of this people had died trying to let their lad free and fair for all. They died trying to break and unload the burden of injustices and oppression from the shoulders of their people. Millions of resources of the Sidama wasted fighting for freedom (lead with SLM). So clearly SLM belongs to the Sidama people not to just few groups of selfish people as it used to be. Due to the selfish personalities of its leaders for more than the past two decades it has been serving as means of living for few individuals. 
Today it is fully overtaken by the real sons and daughters of Sidama. We believe the newly elected leaders will work hand in hand each other and with the Sidama at large to render the people of Sidama the right of self determination and self governance. The sidama people is able to free itself from the tyrants. What Sidama needs is just the deader (the organization that works for the people). 
Today SLM has elected 120 members as central committee and 15 executive committee members (‘polit’). We shall provide the names of the 120 members of the central committee during the coming few days. For today I have the names of the main executive committee below. 
So please let’s try to work with these leaders putting our differences aside (if any) for the betterment of our people. 
1. Dr. Million Tumato – chair peson
2. Ato Duka’le Lamiso – vice chairperson (unfairly/un lawfully in prison still)
3. Ato Legese Lankamo – secretary 
4. Dr. ayele Alito – Political affairs 
5. Ato Bekele Wayu – (used to be in prison)
6. Ato Desalegn Mesa – Youth affairs head
7. Ato Selamu Bulado
8. Ato Lema Latamo
9. Ato Tefera Dubale 
10. Ato Taddese Goobe
11. Ato Teshome Debebe
12. Ato Tadele Simano
13. Ato Mesele Tumicha
14. W/ro Mulu Wansamo 
15. W/ro Elsabet Limasa
16. Ato Demissie Sukare
May the Grace and Peace, Wisdom and Power of Lord Jesus be with you all throughout your efforts to transform SLM farther to realize the vision of our people.