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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Female named Meskerem Qedel sent in for adoption in September, 2001 E.C, 2009 Western Calendar. She came from the Sidama Region, Alta-Chiko Woreda, Gunde Kebele. Ethiopian family member is Degife. Ethiopian family received photos and a letter through the agency in 2011. A neighbor’s phone number is available. 
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Ethiopians celebrate Easter despite drought
( Minasse Wondimu Hailu - Anadolu Agency )
Thousands of Ethiopian Christians are defying tough conditions caused by a dangerous drought to celebrate Easter.
The predominantly Orthodox community celebrates Easter Sunday on May 1 this year – later than the Western Christian calendar – after a 55-day fast from meat, milk, butter and eggs.
Lent in Ethiopia lasts longer than the 40-day period for which Jesus Christ fasted in the wilderness at the start of his ministry, according to Christian theology.
Ethiopians see an extended 15 days during which the clergy and faithful pay homage to kings, heroes and saints, including the nine saints of ancient times who had come from Asia Minor and responsible for expanding the Orthodox across the country.
The country is said to have embraced Christianity in the 4th century CE.
However, this year latest data from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), suggests more than 10 million Ethiopians are in need of emergency relief.