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Monday, February 2, 2015

The UDJ could be considered a strong party as it published two newspapers a week using its own printing press. It had also asked for a plot of land for the construction of a headquarters, according to one of the officials in the group that has lost as a result of the decision of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. However, the party, that had strong differences within it regarding financial management, would face an irreconcilable difference over the election of Belay Fekadu as president, which eventually led to a decision by the Electoral Board throwing his group, including Girma Seifu, out of the party. At the time of Belay's election last December, 2013, based on a new bylaw at the party, Tigestu Awol had no problem, because he assumed that the electoral board had approved the bylaw. Trouble erupted when he discovered that the board had not approved it. It may also be an irony that information which the NEBE decided was unacceptable two years ago, when it rejected the election of Abebaw Mehari as the president of the AEUP has now become acceptable making Abebaw and his group the rightful owners of the party appellation, AEUP. The day the board made the announcement in the presence of local and international media, Merga Bekana (Prof.), the board's chairman, would only answer one question and leave the venue at the Hilton Addis Hotel, reports, DAWIT ENDESHAW, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.
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Sidama BunnaThe first round of the 2014/15 Ethiopian Premier League concluded here today with Sidama Bunna seating on top with 27 points, followed by defending champions St. George (25 pts), Wolayta Dicha (22 pts) and Ethiopian Coffee (21 pts).
Of the 3 games played today, most soccer fans had their eyes on the Wolayta Dicha vs St. George encounter as a victory by the latter could have taken them to the top. Unfortunately the two teams drew scoreless.
Dedebit travelled south and defeated Hawassa Kenema 2-0 to jump 5 spots to finish in 5th place while Ethiopian Coffeedropped to fourth place after they lost 1-0 to EEPCo.  The victory propolled the electric men to move 4 spots to 7th place.
Welayata Dicha had a good chance to move to second place but failed to take home field advantage as they drew scoreless with St. George. On the other hand, the latter could have retaken the lead from Sidama had they won today’s match.
Hawassa Kenema (10 pts) and Woldiya Kenema (6 pts) finished the first round at the bottom of the league table.

1. Sidama Bunna13832148627
2. Kidus Giorgis137421551025
3. Wolayta Dicha13643129322
4. Ethiopian Bunna136341914521
5. Dedebit135351915419
6. Adama Kenema134721613319
7. Arba Minch Kenema1347298119
8. Electric134541314-117
9. Ethiopia Nigd Bank133731412216
10. Dashen Bira135171012-216
11. Mekelakeya1344579-216
12. Mugher Ceminto133461114-313
13. Hawassa Kenema132471117-610
14. Woldia Kenema131210828-205