If you thought the only European people love to share and argue over what belongs to whom, you are sorely mistaken. separatism may split the Old Continent up and down , which we but as you know very well written , but our world is not the end of the What special about that . On the contrary, it only follows the well-established formula opšteljudskog behavior that always thought he would be better if you take care of himself, because of his wealth or the specific identity of different or different from the rest of the country in which he lives.
Fighter PKK on the Turkish border.  Photo: Wikipedia / James (Jim) Gordon
Fighter PKK on the Turkish border. Photo: Wikipedia / James (Jim) Gordon
However, what about the rest of the world? What's wrong with Africa, the rest of the vast Asia, what is with the U.S., the cold northern and warm southern, what is Oceania, Polynesia? Let us start with Asia , with whom we share almost one supercontinent.Kurds are a people who appeared in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages as nomadic and their country since then had; It is believed, however, that they are descendants of the Medes and other Iranian tribes. Today, they are divided betweenTurkey , Syria , Iraq and Iran . The most famous Kurd in the history of the noble Saladin, sultan of the time of the Crusades.
Armenians in the unrecognized Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh , which is de jure part of Azerbaijan but de facto independent since the collapse of the Soviet Union, they want to merge with the mainstream . This region was merged with Armenia during the war which was stopped in 1994. Truce was in Bishkek. , South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which are officially part of Georgia have long been de facto seceded , especially after the military intervention of Russia 2008th year.
Map of Kashmir.  Photo: Wikipedia / United States Government
Map of Kashmir. Photo: Wikipedia / United States Government
India also has a lot of problems with separatist movements , and we'll be in this place to touch a few of them, the most important ones. Muslims in Assam want to have their own state. Bodoland is a region that is located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in the Assam; and Bodo people seeking their independence. Supporters Dravidistana aspire to create a sovereign state in the entire southern part of India , inhabited predominantly live those who speak Dravidian languages. Kashmir is a region inhabited mostly by Muslims who seek merger or neighboring Pakistan or full independence . India and Pakistan have conducted several wars around the area, the last in 1999. Was. Kalistan a possible future state of the people Sika (if anything, the rocks you know from British sitcoms' Only Fools and Horses "), and would lie in the Punjab; eighties India's Sika uprising brutally suppressed in blood. There are also proposed an independent Naga nation state - Nagal andTripura .
Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.  Photo: Wikipedia / LTTE
Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Photo: Wikipedia / LTTE
In neighboring Pakistan, there are separatist movements in Baluchistan , where local people who speak the language of Iran has nothing to do with India or with Pakistan, but also in Sindudešu and Paštunistanu (Pashtuns are the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan, the Taliban have arisen among them).
Tamil Tigers are fighting for decades for independence of Tamil Eelam of Sri Lanka . In Burma, ethnic groups seeking secession Arakan, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Shah and Vaa. Azeri irredentist in Iran want to unite East and West Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Ardabil with Azerbaijan. Na Tibet there is a strong separatist movement and the government-in-exile headed by the Dalai Lama who seek the restoration of statehood and secession from China , but that's not the only problem of Beijing: we must not forget the Muslim Uighurs in the west of the country.
Photo: AP / Beta
Photo: AP / Beta
Africa has on its soil in hundreds of different ethnic groups that are dense in only 53 states . That's what you, as you have guessed that brings hell and carnage.
The Tuareg are a desert people who live in Niger and Mali, and fighting for their own state, which does not. Nigeria raging civil war between the various peoples that make up this country today, especially in the Niger Delta. Democratic Republic of the Bakas (who also wants the parts of Cameroon), the Republic of Biafra, Republic of Areva, the Republic of the Niger Delta, Ogoni and Oduduvska Republic Jorubasa are some areas that require separation. Kabilija wants to secede from Algeria, Cabinda from Angola, the South of Cameroon Cameroon mval of the Comoros; Bas-Congo, Katanga and Kivu of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt's Copts want to create a Coptic Pharaonic Republic , and in this country there are advocates Ababda Republic and the Republic of Nubia.
Photo: AP / Beta
Photo: AP / Beta
From Ethiopia could arise Islamic state Afarija, Gambela, Ogadenija Republic, the Republic of Oromia, Tigray and the Republic of Sidama. Proponents of the Republic of Mombasa seeking secession from Kenya and supporters Gimbabve Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. Kirenaika could secede from the unfortunate Libya , a Azavad of Mali.Western Sahara, now part of Morocco, it could one day become Sahravska Arab Democratic Republic; Morocco has a problem with the mountainous Rif region, which would be the same as Sahravi to become independent.
Free State band Kaprivija could secede from Namibia, Batvaland of Rwanda, Cazamance of Senegal, Samoliland of Somalia. Buri, once masters of the whole of South Africa, and themselves advocate of secession: the future of their country could be called Folkštat , consisting to the former Boer Republic Transvaal, Orange Free State and Natalia . They however are not the only South Africans who want to be independent: there are supporters of the Republic of Kate and Tembulanda.
Ethnic groups in Africa.  Photo: Wikipedia / United States.  Central Intelligence Agency
Ethnic groups in Africa. Photo: Wikipedia / United States. Central Intelligence Agency
South Sudan shackle proud people Nuera , while Sudan has secesionitičke movements in Beji, Darfur, Eastern Sudan and Kordofan, and in Nubia. upcoming Republic Nubia, in addition to Egypt, and occupied parts of Sudan . It is amazing that this ancient nation, once known scattered throughout the Roman Empire, there is a country to the 21st century.
Zanzibar should secede from Tanzania, Buganda of Uganda, Baroceland of Zambia, Anžuan of the Comoro Islands, and Matabeleland from Zimbabwe. Excuse us for being African secessionism this exhaustively enumerated, but when we deal with each separately, we could publish the whole collection. Maybe they deserve a separate text.
It's time to move on to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and to look into the situation in the Americas. A small number of Puerto Ricans want independence from the United States , primarily unhappy puppet status of their country, which is still 51 U.S. state.
Proposed boundaries Actlana that seceded from the United States.  Photo: Wikipedia / TUBS
Proposed boundaries Actlana that seceded from the United States. Photo: Wikipedia / TUBS
North of the United States is Canada , where there are French-speakingQuebec . The region for decades discussing the possibility of secession from the rest of the country, a few decades ago was a serious scandal erupted when the then French President De Gaulle with a terrace in Montreal supported the separatist aspirations of the people gathered, with loud approval.
Hispanic Americans , mostly gathered around the Chicano Movement, seeking restoration Actlana , mythical homeland Uto-Aztec, stretching the entire southwestern part of the United States , as you can see on the map gorepriloženoj.Here the majority of Mexicans who live in the territory under the control of Washington.
In America there is less separatism among whites in Texas , who wish to restore the former independent states, but also among Indians. Sioux would like to create the Republic of Lakota, and Navajo and Cherokee nations are not far away as the wish business. There are Hawaiians who want some form of sovereignty.