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Monday, February 25, 2013

Wild fishery in Ethiopia is conducted using traditional methods, as seen in this picture, where two young boys are cleaning fish that were caught in Hawassa Lake, located 273Km from Addis Abeba.  The two boys work for a local hotel which sells the fish for 20 Br each. Various data indicate that the aquatic resources of Ethiopia are underexplored and underexploited. From a production potential of about 50,000tn a year, only about 15,000tn are being utilised, according to researchers.
Although close to 5,000 pay phones are found in Ethiopia, most of them are not working properly and are used for different functions. The phone booth, minus the phone, in the picture is in Hawassa town, where a street vendor selling books is seen using it as shelter from the sun. It would seem that ethio-telecom has forgotten that although there has been a significant increase in mobile phone users, the majority of the population still relies on landline phones and public phone booths.