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Friday, February 22, 2013

Speech recognition systems have been applicable in wide areas as various speech recognition methodologies, techniques and tools have been developed and implemented to generate a natural and intelligible speech. In this regard, this work attempts the possibility of developing a prototype speech recognition system for Sidama language using Hidden Marcov Model. The study has conducted extensive study on the language features, the components, speech recognition tools; the techniques used in speech recognition design, and identified those component that are dependent on the characteristics of language. Finally this work has showed a working prototype speech recognizer for the language, tested the performance of the system and compared its accuracy, and recommended measures for similar researches and projects. This work, therefore, will be useful to researchers, Speech application developers, Educators and other individuals or institutions working on similar projects.

February 22, 2013, Kukkissa, Sidama Reporter from Sidama Capital Hawassa,

Misnomer Sidamo and Debub!!
The Sidama didn't call itself Sidamo or Debub in its history!! Both were fabricated by the successive northern rulers, the muisnomer that lingers to this date. Under the current very regime, the regime that for the first time theoretically proclaimed rights of nations and nationalities to regional self determination and beyond up to independence; the Sidama nation merged into the pressure cooker known as Debub-the forced amalgamation the rulers have created to protect their politico-economic interests since their inception-nothing else!!! In the case of the Sidama nation in particular, the regime that is led by Sidama nation's fundamental enemies is implementing its policies through Sidama traitors cadres- all of whom trade by the Sidama nation's names!! At this very historical juncture, the Sidama nation needs to know who are friends and foes alike to be able to defend its interests and its land. The Sidama nation doesn't need to be blindfolded and longer!!

The Sidama land becomes hot cake for the rulers time and again for the past 120 years. We must know this in black and white. Religions of all sects don't need to mask this fact and lies and obfuscations don't need to obliterate our images from seeing realities in front of our eyes. Propaganda machineries of the ruling regime don't need to divert our focus from realities facing our nation and the systemic manipulation and sexing up of Constitution that unequivocally guarantees the Sidama nation not only regional self determination, but also independence---- don't need to reassure us by telling us about the dream world where the reality is so distant. As we are living in the 2st century. There needn't be further ignorance. Let's be bold enough to tell the truth. Although the weapons with which they kill our sons and daughters intimidates us Sidamas, besides we must uphold ancestral principles of ''Halaale'' to unanimously demand our constitutional rights untill they are fully restored!! Nothing else!! No utopian late dictator aspired development initiatives the mantra thre regime is deploying to mislead Sidama people with false promises that never materialises. 

Sidama nation's enemies number one,

The Sidama enemies number one are those who speak in its language, who knows its ways of life inside out, who deceive the nation constantly by telling them that they are there to defend its interests yet; wearing the hides of wolf's o hid their heinous identity- appearing to be on Sidama nation's side by misleading the nation whilst actually selling their very interests and subjecting them to untold sufferings and uncertain futurity-----are the Sidama cadres so called '812' all of whom are good for nothing. In the history of the Sidama nation since we lost our sovereignty to the invading Menellik's army in late 1890s, we didn't come across such historical juncture where about '812' (one has defected recently) Sidamas together become the enemies of their own nation. The Sidama nation must know this in black and white!! This so called regional president, Amabassadours, Zone fake presidents, Disrtitcs TPLF agents all of whom are Sidama nation's enemy number one. The others are enemy number two!! Enemy number one must be dealth with effectively to devise strategy on how to remove enemy number two!! Thus, let's Sidama urgently focus on enemy number one!!

What does the Sidama history tell us?

Time and again history show us that the Sidama forefathers and mothers heroically defended their land, the land we today call it the 'Sidamaland'. Yet the above pariahs are allowed to freely give away our ancestral lands preserved by precious sacrifices of lives- to the anti-Sidama elements whilst we're either ignorantly letting them to circulate among us or being misguided by the false promises and abhorring lies. Whilst the wealth of our land enriches the rulers and the traitors also scavenge on left over to accumulate their own, the true sons and daughters of Sidama nation are left to languish under abject poverty and hundreds others are imprisoned for demanding their legitimate rights to regional self determination. For instance Duka'le Lamisso's arbitrary arrest is purely illegal and masterminded by the regime that claims it's Democratic while in reality it's Diabolically repressive!! 

When does our silence will have and end and how can we effectively demand our our constitutional rights?

Therefore, for how long silence?? Do we need to docile and sell the land that was preserved by the precious sacrifices of ancestral lives and let the traitors circulate among us to cause further sufferings, or do we able to heroically reject the rulers to demand our illegitimate rights to regional self determination? We don't need weapon to demand our rights!! We don't need to wage gorilla warfare to assert our fundamental right that are granted for the nations of Harrari whose population is 184,340 opposed to Sidama's officially recognised 3.4 million (independently estimated to be between 5.5 and 6 million -USAID 2007)! Our united rejection of all rulers including their cadres without distinction, ostracising them from the community brings them all down to their knees. This must be the only weapon that must be adopted in the 21st century's fight for freedom and justice that will be culturally and morally justifiable for the Sidama nation. 

When can we do this? 

Tomorrow will be too late!! Wecan't predict what the future holds. Time is precious!! There can't and needn't be complacency for the entire Sidama nation at this historical juncture in its modern history. We are at the verge of systematic destruction unless we defend our land and its people. We can't sit down and watch whilst the opportunity slips away from our hands!! The time is today!! We must defend our land today!! We can't wait until tomorrow!! With regards to Hawassa town, it belongs to Sidama nation and to those who peacefully co-exist with Sidamas under their legitimate and democratic administration. It never belongs others who are installed by the regime under their illegal rules!! No one has got right to decide on the fate of Hawassa, but the Sidama nation!! Neither the new PM Sidama enemy number two since May 24, 2002 Loqqe massacre of Sidama and TPLF rulers nor the regional Hyena will have the final say on the Sidama matters including Hawassa!! 

Simple Action points for all people of Sidama nation!!

**Let's the Sidama farmers reject the said fake cadres from farmers association to the region!! 
**Let's Sidama students of all levels unanimously reject the cadres peacefully but vigorously demand their constitutional rights until we assert it!! 
**Let's Sidama intellectuals wake up from their sleeps and unite on vigorously demanding their constitutional rights to regional self determination!! 
**Let's all Sidama women stand up together and demand their legitimate rights for the futurities of their children and their own land!! 
**Let's all Sidamas who are in Diaspora -but sadly bow for the criminal rulers of Sidama anticipating land grab when they return back to Sidama land stop their idiotic beliefs and view their principles as they live in a democratic western countries- and unanimously say enough is enough to the brutal rulers by standing on Sidama's side.
**Let's Sidama nation's people of all walks of life come together and unanimously reject the current regime and its cadres that induces abject poverty and human deprivation to our beloved nation and land- enough is enough!! 

We don't need weapons to do this!! Our Unity and united voices will be serious poison to the brutal rulers!! Speak out and reject injustices and Demand your Constitutional rights until you assert it!! No one will have right to advise Sidama nation otherwise as long as we're who we're and who will be!! 

Kukkissa, Sidama Reporter from Sidama capital Hawassa!!
February 22, 2013