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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Center for Policy and Development Research- CPDR , Hawassa University published its first research-based book in cooperation with the Bureau of Women and chilren's Affairs Office of the SNNPRG.

Impacts of Women Development and Change Packages on the Socio-Economic and Political Status of Women in SNNPR -
Promise, Success and Challenges
Edited by: Tesfaye Semela, Nigatu Regassa, Melisew Dejene, and Tafesse Matewos
© Centre for Policy and Development Research (CPDR), Hawassa University, 2015, Hawassa, Ethiopia.
All Rights Reserved
Cover Design and Layout: Geraworke Zeleke 
Copy Editor: Minigistu Dinato
First Published: 2015
ISBN: 978-99944-958-6-3
Printed by: Hawassa, Ethiopia
Center for Policy and Development Research (CPDR), Hawassa University
P.O.BOX 05 Code 1000, Hawassa, Ethiopia
Web: www.cprdhu.org
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