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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hunkute is a coop comprised of nearly 2,000 farmers who deliver their cherries to two washing station in the south part of the Wonsho District in Sidama, Ethiopia. A small group of highly-trained cuppers evaluate every batch of coffee produced in the country, maintaining the caliber of the area’s prized coffee. With such ideal growing conditions and commitment to quality, it is no wonder that Hunkute is a long standing favorite of our sourcing team. Pouring over this coffee we imagine ourselves, paint brush in hand, covering a sheet of textured paper in gouache. Not to be confused with watercolors’ diluted washes and transparent streaks, gouache pigments build up color to capture the blush of sun-ripened stone fruit, the matte shell of green beans or even the desert-cracked melon rind with depth and delicacy. We set down our brush, pick up our mug and if we could paint as well as this coffee tastes, we would frame it, too.