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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Polish instructors and experts in the field of fire fighting units will train and equip volunteer and professional firefighters in Kenya and Ethiopia - informs the Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM). The funds for this purpose - nearly 1 million zł - Polish Foreign Ministry sent.
As pointed out by Wojciech Wilk, President of the Foundation and the coordinator of the project PCPM outfits, both in Kenya and in Ethiopia are not trained firefighters or fire-fighting or rescue disaster victims, for example. Flooding and landslides. Lack basic equipment including extinguishing hoses, breathing apparatus. Kenyan and Ethiopian firefighters are often dressed only in suits or overalls instead of uniforms and fire-resistant clothing.

As indicated PCPM, including problem three regions of Kenya (Machakos, Kiambu and Muranga) and two administrative regions of Ethiopia capital cities (cities Hawass and Bahir Dar) is a rapid increase in the population, an increasing number of residential buildings, including multi-storey skyscrapers and traffic volume.

"The Ethiopian town Hawass firefighters can not effectively extinguish fires without approaching a fire on a dangerous distance for them. They have specialized clothing or equipment of a professional firefighter. The only thing I have is a blank breathing apparatus, approx. 100 meters of hose and two generators . It must be sufficient for 300 thousand. residents "- emphasizes Wolf.

As part of a special program of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of professionals involved Centre Fire and rescue workers. They will assist in the creation of volunteer firefighters in the poorest neighborhoods of the Kenyan and Ethiopian cities. Poles will organize training in the fight against fires, floods and other disasters. African firefighters gain skills from water rescue, evacuation of people from high-rise buildings, rescue victims of road accidents and collapses.

Covered by the training unit will be equipped with specialized equipment. Eg. For the district in Kenya Murunga will light a fire truck purchased. The total value of the Polish project is over 912 thousand. respectively.
The latest initiative of the Polish Center for International Aid in East Africa can be supported by transferring any amount to the bank account number: 18 1140 1010 0000 5228 6800 1001), quoting "Project fire".