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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Ethiopian Economic Association/EEA/ organized a day conference on the Economic development of Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples Regional State for the fifth round on 27 March 2015 in collaboration with EEA Hawassa chapter. The conference was opened by welcoming address of Yosph Mamo (PhD), President of Hawassa University, and Demirew Getachew, Head EEA Secretariat. This was followed by an official opening statement by Ato Aklilu Tukala, Deputy of SNNPR BoFED. The Ethiopian Economic Association Hawassa Chapter comprises four member universities, namely Dilla University, Wolaita Sodo University, Arba Minch and Wachamo University. It is centered in the Department of Economics, Hawassa University.
During the conference, 12 papers were presented by various researchers from International Livestock Research Institute, Hawassa University, Universities of Wolaita Sodo, Dilla, Arba Minch, Ethiopian Civil Service and Addis Ababa, and SNNPR construction design and supervision office, Hawassa. The papers focus on Climate Change, Variability and Adaptation Strategies: Implications for Household Food Security in Southern Ethiopia, The Effect of off Farm Employment on Agricultural Production and Productivity: Evidence from Gurage Zone of Southern Ethiopia, Impact of local seed business on risk aversion and crop choice in SNNPR: Evidence from Borecha and Lanfaro district, Determinants of small holders livelihood diversification and its implication on HHs food security in Shebedino Woreda, Smallholder-based Avocado production and marketing in Sidama zone of Southern Ethiopia, Does gender matter? A technical efficiency analysis of male and female headed crop producing HHs in Wolita zone, Contribution of investment in ICT in construction industry & its impact on road sector development, Impact of inflation on living standard of HHS in Hawassa City, Determinant of urban HHS vulnerable to poverty in Ethiopia: Evidence from Hawassa, Analysis of determinants of HHs consumption expenditure and poverty in urban Ethiopia: Evidence from panel Data, Household energy choice and demand in urban Ethiopia: Case of Wolita zone, and Improving Water supply service in urban Ethiopia: using the choice experiment: case of Yirgalem Town. The objective of the conference was to strengthen the regional economic development by further inspiring the researchers and disseminate the research outputs to the people and/or regional policy makers. It also gives an opportunity for researchers and participants to share their experiences and enhance their linkage. The conference attracted about 210 participants.