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Saturday, March 14, 2015

The manifesto was launched on Friday at the party's headquarters in a press conference, which was attended by both local and international media representatives. Medrek officials discussed issues concerning the challenges that the party is facing while striving to become competitive in the upcoming national election.
The details of the manifesto was presented by Merera Gudina (PhD), head of external affairs, Tilahun Endeshaw, head of public relations and Gebru Gebremariam, secretary of the party.
The party launched its 13-page manifesto that focus on economic, social and political affairs. Though these are the major pillars of the manifesto, a wide range of issues are also covered.
One of the major alternatives that the party plans to introduce, if it assumes power following the upcoming election, will be the introduction of an alternative working language based on the number of population.
Apart from proposing an alternative language in the country, the party also aims at creating a favorable environment for local private investors to participate in the development and construction of small and medium scale hydro electric power generation projects.
The manifesto that contains six major pillars also covers an issue that is shared by other political parties but is downplayed by the ruling party; the issue of national consensuses. In that regard, the party on its election manifesto stated that it will work seriously on the matter to arrive at a national consensuses. 
The major six pillars of the manifesto that the party focuses on are the issues that revolve around the areas of politics, security, foreign relations and national interest, economic and social development of the country.
Regarding economic development the manifesto covers a wide range of issues such as development of trade and industry, water and mining resource sector, transport and communication services, urban, financial institution and environmental, national parks and heritages protection, land administration, agriculture and general development.
Youth and women, reducing unemployment, poverty and migration, education, health service and social security are issues that the manifesto touches on its social development part.
Currently, the party has four member parties which are the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM), Union of Tigreans for Democracy and Sovereignty (Arena) and the Ethiopian Social Democracy- Southern Ethiopia People's Democratic Union.
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