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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pregnant women in Sidama
Photo: Beza Youth Health and Counselling Center

Accessibility and availability of quality reproductive health services
Beza Youth Health and Counselling Center (BYHCC) works in an integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV, Harmful Traditional Practices (HTP) and poverty alleviation programs to improve the health and living conditions of HTP victims ,vulnerable groups to SRH problems, HIV/AIDS infected and affected people, and poor communities in Yirgalem and its surrounding three districts.

Project Location

What does the organization do?
Prevention Intervention
• Awareness and sensitization campaigns like Beza Show, Beza cup, Beza Art day, Circus music, drama, road show
• Production and distribution of IEC materials
• Beza F.M (mini- media programmes)
• Community conversation on ARH, ART,VCT, genital mutilation, (HTP)
• Advocacy on the right of youth, children, PLWHA and others
• Peer to peer counseling

2. Mitigation of vulnerable youth and OVC
• Provision of school/ college fee, scholastic materials
• Vocational and skill training
• Medical support
• Giving psycho- social support to traumatized orphans
• IGA for vulnerable youths

3. Capacity building
• Training for youth club leaders.
• Training for village facilitators, councilors home based care givers on ART, VCT and PMTCT promotion.
• Training school youths on substance abuse, ARH and core life skills
• Workshops for different community group members.
• Training for youths on drama, circus and music.
• Training for children on prevention of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.
• Technique, material and financial support for clubs .CBO and PLWHA associations.

4. Service Delivery
• Library service
• Periodical information on HIV, RH drug, sport
• Recreation service (film, satellite service and indoor games)

5. Care and support
• Organize community support for PLWHA
• Monthly support for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs)
• Small scale IGA for PLWHAs
• IGA for vulnerable youth
• Home based support for bed ridden PLWHAs
• Home finding and fostering for street children and orphans.