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Monday, February 24, 2014

Breaking News: Medrek Suspended UDJ, and Accepted Sidama Liberation Front as a Member

According to an email communiqué from the leadership of the obscure political organization called Medrek – Medrek, on its 9th Congress held yesterday, unanimously suspended UDJ (Unity for Democracy and Justice) for undermining the activities Medrek while it unanimouslyaccepted the Sidama Liberation Front as a new member.
In recent months, UDJ – now with all Amhara leadership – has aligned itself with the Amhara supremacist Neftegna group called the Blue Party.
The suspension of UDJ from Medrek now officially makes UDJ a Northern-ethno-nationalist political group, while Medrek is largely a Southern-ethno-nationalist political group.
Medrek is criticized by many for being organizationally weak, and the regime leaves no room of accommodation for Medrek; for instance, while UDJ holds rallies in its Amhara-base of the Ethiopian empire with the blessing of the TPLF regime, the obscure Medrek does not get permissions for rallies and other organizational works from the TPLF-led government.