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Friday, April 19, 2013

Construction of roads and infrastructure development is well in progress in Hawassa Town, South Ethiopia Peoples' State capital, with close to 170 million Birr, the town Municipality has said.
Infrastructure development expansion project Coordinator with the Municipality, Mebratie Melesse stated that the projects include, construction of cobblestone roads and flood canals, upgrading of gravel roads to asphalt level, installation of lampposts and traffic signals, among others. 
Accordingly, over 60 million Birr of the stated sum goes to construction of 25km cobblestone roads being carried out in the town. So far 7km of construction of the cobblestone road is completed. Construction of the road created over 6000 jobs. 
Upgrading of 17km gravel road to asphalt level is also underway with 47 million Birr. Some 40 per cent of upgrading of the road is already finalized and the work is expected to be finalized until early next Ethiopian year. 
He said installation of lampposts is underway with 30 million Birr while flood canals are being constructed with 26 million Birr. 
Installation of traffic signals is also underway with 6.5 million Birr of the total sum, Mebratie said.

Source: ENA