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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Indonesian ambassador to Ethiopia, H.E. Ambassador Ramli Saud gave a public lecture to community of Hawassa University (HwU) on January 31, 2013.
On the occasion, Dr. Yosef Mamo, President of HwU following his brief about his University under scored the importance of making collaboration with Asian counties like Indonesia which are leading the world economy and known for making their partnership on the basis of mutual benefit.
In his lecture, the ambassador highlighted the historical back ground of the two countries relation. Of the significant progress made in their relation, according to the ambassador’s lecture, the trade relation is worth mentioned, i.e. the total trade relation which was US $ 40.7 mil in 2004 grew up surprisingly to $303.9 in 2012. The ambassador also witnessed that Ethiopia has shown a magnificent progress in many aspects and believes that it is the most secured country in Africa. 
The Ambassador also told that academic institutions of his country offer scholarship to international students and have links with Institutions abroad. As a result His Excellence promised to facilitate the link between HwU and Indonesian Academic Institutions.
Beside his surprising Knowledge about the culture and celebrities of Ethiopia, the Ambassador affirmed his language skill using some amazing and funny Amharic words and expressions in the middle of his presentation.
Dr. Yosef in his concluding speech praised the Ambassador and wished to have more ambassadors like him in order to promote his country and change its image.
In the end, the Ambassador handed over a special gift to the President on behalf of the embassy and the delegates he was leading. The President intern gave his gift to the Ambassador.