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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hawassa, January 16 (WIC) – Sidama zone supplied 54 million kilogram of coffee to the central market during the first half of the budget year.

According to Burka Bulasho, head of the zone’s marketing and cooperatives union, over 39 million kilogram is supplied to private investors.

The remaining, 15.6 million kilogram is supplied to different cooperative unions operating in the zone.
Burka expects the country to generate good revenue as the coffee is supplied at a rate of international market price.

At present, in the Sidama zone of the SNNP region, 314 private and 48 cooperative unions are engaged in the processing and supply of the internationally renowned coffee brand.

Due to its excellent soil, ideal climate and high elevation ranging from 1,750-2,100 meters, the Sidama region has become known for producing world-class coffee. Sidama produces approximately 35,000 tons of high quality Organic Arabica beans per year.

By the end of this budget year, around 290 unions and cooperatives are expected to join the processing and supply of Sidama coffee.